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Death Valley Elopement Details

Location: Death Valley, California
Prep Location: The Inn at Death Valley
Photography: The Hendrys

11 thoughts on “Vaughn and Kelli

  1. Ok, this is incredible. I love the double exposures, You nailed everything., this is one of the most gorgeous set of images i’ve seen@ Stellar job. What a gorgeous location!

  2. One – the vibrancy in your images is so refreshing. they’re absolutely stunning. two – love your detail shots, environment shots, and the double exposures. you’re awesome. three – death valley looks like such a cool place to elope! you killed it!

  3. Oh boy I love desert locations! Death valley looks out of this world, especially with those colors after nightfall. Beautiful elopement!

  4. Sooooo beautiful you guys, these are stellar images! I really love how well you captured them in such an amazing setting, well done! xx

  5. LOVE this my friends. Death valley is epic isnt it. been a fan of your art for a while amigos! cheers!

  6. WOW! those star photos are absolutely gorgeous! I have always wanted to go to death valley, it looks like such an interesting place to esplore.

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