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Vaughn and Kelli

Brenda Serrano

what is your going rate for an engagement photoshoot in malibu?

thank you,

Stunning work! Death valley looks like an amazing place to elope and get incredible photographs!

WOW! those star photos are absolutely gorgeous! I have always wanted to go to death valley, it looks like such an interesting place to esplore.

alexander richardson

LOVE this my friends. Death valley is epic isnt it. been a fan of your art for a while amigos! cheers!

This is the absolute sweetest And wow! Gotta get my ass to death valley!!

Jeff Brummett Visuals

These are stunning! I love the epic wide images with those hills. What a beautiful day.

Sooooo beautiful you guys, these are stellar images! I really love how well you captured them in such an amazing setting, well done! xx

Oh boy I love desert locations! Death valley looks out of this world, especially with those colors after nightfall. Beautiful elopement!

I absolutely love this so much. you captured the love and emotion perfectly. i am obsessed!!!

One – the vibrancy in your images is so refreshing. they’re absolutely stunning. two – love your detail shots, environment shots, and the double exposures. you’re awesome. three – death valley looks like such a cool place to elope! you killed it!

Ok, this is incredible. I love the double exposures, You nailed everything., this is one of the most gorgeous set of images i’ve seen@ Stellar job. What a gorgeous location!