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Prepare for an explosion of creativity and personality in the concrete jungle that is Downtown Los Angeles! Our photo-taking adventure with this excellent couple was a feast for the eyes. From cool AF storefronts to eye-catching graffiti walls and murals, we made sure Ashly and Chantel’s engagement shoot was a rainbow-colored extravaganza to match their super playful personalities. 

The couple's energy was mega contagious, as they danced, posed, and brought the city streets to life. Downtown Los Angeles has a bad rep for being dirty and grimy, but we like to see the beauty in everything, and in fact, it’s one of our most favorite locations to shoot at as there is so much variety in the colors, textures, shapes, architecture, and backdrops. We could work around here for days and not get tired of it. So we’re always on board for a DTLA photo session any freaking time. It’s basically our playground right now!

DTLA Photo Session Details
Photography - THE HENDRYS
Location - DTLA

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