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Gotta question for you, better answer now...

Where do you call home?

Home is Pasadena, LA County, Southern California, US of A, Planet frickin' Earth.

Do you travel for weddings and elopements?

Well, we’ve traveled a ton since starting out in 2011. Since moving to the States, we’ve decided to curb our enthusiasm for that and focus on sticking around one country for a change. So anywhere in the US!

Are you insured?

Yup - we couldn’t be without our insurance!

Do you deliver every image you take?

It's very much a quality over quantity thang for us, so that would be a big fat nope. One of the parts of our service is those editing and culling shenanigans, which is actually the main bulk of our photography work. The images which don't make the cut are usually lesser quality duplicates, out of focus frames; or images that contain bad lighting, test shots, blinks, flash misfire, etc, and we feel showing off these dud files could dilute the storytelling aspect of our work, especially if it's very slight variations of the same photo all over the shop! Although, be rest assured that any usable images will be included in the final gallery.

How many images will we receive?

You will receive a guaranteed amount of 50 images for each hour we shoot!

Can we provide a list of shot ideas we want?

If we are looking at (and thinking about) lists on the day, it will take away from our creative flow, so we just say let us do our thing, tell your wedding story, and do it in the most personal and unique way for you as we possibly can.

Do you take posed family and wedding party photos?

We understand that these photos are important to a lot of couples and although we do capture them if required, we prefer keeping them to a maximum of 8 variations so we can concentrate on getting those moments that aren’t staged – these will be the images you appreciate the most in the end!

Do you two shoot video?

Sadly, we don't offer video at this stage, but can definitely send along a recommendation or two.

When will we receive our photos?

We will send you the high-resolution images within 6 weeks of your wedding taking place. FYI, it's usually a lot sooner than that because we're pretty dang organized, plus we don't like to keep y'all waiting!